Green Island On The T&S

Here's a neat shot looking east on the D&H. In the background is where the T&S crossed the D&H main and headed to the city of Troy. It was the low clearance of the T&S bridge that eventually let the D&H to file for abandonment of the former NYC Branch. (PHOTO: Gordon Smith)

Here's the Green Island Bridge heading from Troy to Green Island. The T&S shared this bridge with the D&H and Schenectady Railway Co. Although the D&H owned it. Even in the early days, the Schenectady & Troy railroad used the bridge of D&H predessesor "The Rensselaer & Saratoga" to cross the Hudson.The lane for auto travel and trolley ROW was on the other side to the left. (Photo: NEB&W)

Here's a colored postcard of the Green Island Bridge

Once you crossed the Green Island Bridge, you came to the Green Island Freight House of The NYC (T&S). This building remains as Grimm Building Materials. A photo can be seen on my "Today" page. (Photo: NEB&W)

Here is the D&H ROW crossing Route 32 in Green Island. The T&S ROW is located to the right on the slightly elevated track.

Here's a culvert in Green Island carrying theT&S ROW over a creek. (Photo: Bill Mischler)


This photo is was taken on the old Norton Company crossover on the DH main looking north towards Elm St. The Norton crossover was there to allow materials to be transported back and forth between the tape division on one side of the main to the sandpaper division on the other. The train is heading back from the Ford plant to the Green Island wye where the power will run around the train and then head south to Colonie Yard on the main. All locals ended at Colonie back in the 70s. the 4085 is probably heading to the old 'north gate' at Colonie.

The 4085 has run around the train and is entering the DH main heading south to Colonie yard. The photographer is standing on the Norton Co. crossing between the two sections of the Norton plant.

This is the train coming to the end of the old T&S heading east having just passed over the D&H main. The train will go about another quarter mile to Green Island where the power will be run around and the train will then head west to the south leg of the Green Island wye to head back to Colonie yard.

This is the T&S D&H job coming toward the south leg of the Green Island wye. The train has already come off of the T&S, the power has been run around to the rear, and the train is now heading to the end of the south leg of the wye to get clearance back to Colonie. Train is facing west at this point with downtown Troy in the far distance.


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