It was the end of the line (post 1930) and she had some neat buildings!
Everyone has seen the Station, but here are some more buildings....

Special thanks to Gordon Cornell, Broadalbin Historian for his help on the page.

All Photos By Eber Davis 

This was the Broadalbin Tool House. She is the first structure you'd encounter entering Broadalbin.

Here is the back of the Broadalbin Freight House

Here is the front!

Here is the side of the Broadalbin Coal & Supply building

Here is a hopper getting pushed into the building

Here's another side shot of the building

Here is the building between The FJG Tool House and the Broadalbin Coal & Supply.  In the 20's it was a feed and cement
warehouse.  By the 1950's it was convereted to a provate residence...

Here's a great shot looking East towards the Freight House

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